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Forensic Video & Audio

Forensic Video Analysis. Forensic Audio Analysis. Expert Witness Testimony. Digital Evidence Recovery.

Blackstone provides expert forensic analysis and examination of recorded video, audio, images, and other forms of multimedia evidence in relation to both criminal and civil matters. Our services include digital enhancement, clarification, analysis, interpretation, and authentication.

Our casework is carried out under the direction of Blackstone’s principal, who was a former forensic specialist with the RCMP and has been qualified in both BC Provincial and Supreme Courts as an expert witness in forensic video analysis.

As is often the case, there may be more to be gained from video, audio, and  photographic evidence than thought possible to the un-trained eye.

Our secure lab is set-up to provide the latest in forensic services relating to video, audio, images, and other forms of technical evidence.  Some of the our services include the following:

Authentication of video, audio, and photographic evidence – To determine whether or not tampering or manipulation has occurred

Converting proprietary (CCTV) digital video to easily viewable formats (DVD, CD-ROM) for courtroom presentation purposes

Recovery of deleted or missing files from different storage mediums (flashcards, hard-drives, USB, CD/DVD, VHS, etc)

Preparation of video and photographic evidence for court: creation of demostrative videos, high-quality printed digital images, and visual PowerPoint pesentations


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