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Forensic Video Analysis. Expert Witness Testimony. Digital Evidence Recovery.

As experienced experts that have viewed and analyzed over 2,000 crimes and criminals caught on surveillance video, Blackstone is capable of examining, analyzing, and processing all types of video, photographic, and multimedia evidence for both civil and criminal matters.

With the explosion in the number of CCTV systems and other forms of recording devices utilized on a daily basis  throughout the world, the sheer amount of video evidence now being used for litigation purposes is staggering.  Multimedia evidence is becoming an extremely valuable tool in numerous investigations and civil lawsuits. Through our past experiences, we have seen both the frailties and power of video evidence when analyzed, prepared, and presented in a effective manner. There may be more to be gained from forensc evidence of this type than you ever thought possible.

       “Visual evidence is worth more than a thousand words…..”

Our forensic solutions provide expert analysis and examination of recorded video, images and other forms of multimedia evidence in relation to criminal and civil cases. Our services include forensic enhancement, clarification, analysis, authentication, and complete case management services for investigations involving all forms of video and digital evidence.  Learn more about our Forensic Video & Audio Services >>

In addition, we also provide services relating to the acquisition, preservation, and examination of computers, cell-phones, and other digital devices. Our services include evidence preservation & extraction, forensic examination, and recovery of deleted data and information.  Learn more about our Computer & Mobile Forensic Services >>


David McKay, President
[email protected]

David McKay is principal owner of Blackstone Forensics Ltd. He is also the program coordinator for the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s (BCIT) Forensic Science & Technology Program and instructor of BCIT’s CCTV & Forensic Examination course. During his time as a forensic video analyst with the RCMP, McKay viewed and analyzed over 2,000 crimes and criminals caught on various video and image recording systems (CCTV, video cameras, cell phones, taxi-cams, still cameras, and computers).  He has been qualified multiple times as an expert witness in both BC Provincial and Supreme Court in the field of forensic video technology, specifically the forensic analysis of video and digital images.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree  from Simon Fraser university in 2002, and his Advanced Specialty Certificate in Forensics from BCIT in 2004.  He most recently completed the security systems technician training program at BCIT in 2008.  He is a licensed security consultant and spends his free time building, programming, and developing both network and digital video recording systems for CCTV surveillance purposes.  He is also involved in various research projects at BCIT, including the ability to extract specific measurements (height, size, distance, speed) from recorded images through the marriage of forensic imaging techniques and photogrammetric principals.

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