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Forensic Video Analysis

“We provide forensic analysis and examination of recorded video, images, and other forms of multimedia evidence in relation to both criminal and civil cases…”

Forensic Video Analysis

Forensic video analysis is the scientific examination, evaluation, and comparison of video in legal matters, whether criminal or civil in nature.  In some circumstances, it may not be completely clear what is actually taking place with respect to an event captured on video.

We have years of experience dealing with video evidence from CCTV systems and we can easily convert and enhance any type of surveillance video into an easily viewable format that can be played back as a DVD or a windows media player video clip.  This video can now be dissected frame by frame for the judge or jury, without the need for specialized software that is commonly required to play back security video.

“By isolating individual camera views and converting proprietary CCTV video into an easily viewable sequence, this information can be reviewed frame by frame…”

View an example video footage converted from proprietary surveillance video:

As experts in the field with years of training and countless hours reviewing and interpreting incidents “caught on tape”, we can provide you with a much more accurate account of events in comparison to the untrained eye.  If you have video or images that may be inconclusive or arbitrary, we can analyze the visual information and provide an expert opinion on what has taken place.

Our goal is to ensure that you are presenting the best evidence possible for your case.  We can create compelling visual presentations incorporating your evidence into demostrative videos, PowerPoint presentations, and printed images of the highest quality possible.

Ensure that the procedures taken during the seizure, acquisition, and processing of video and photographic evidence will stand up to the admissibility test for video evidence

Determine any shortcomings and/or issues that may arise before video or photographic evidence is tendered in court

Determine the most effective way of presenting your evidence to the client or court


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