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"Visual evidence is now one of the most prevalent forms of forensic evidence used in both civil & criminal cases."

Forensic video & image analysis, expert witness testimony, and digital evidence recovery - We are a resource for those involved in civil and criminal cases where video, images, and other forms of multimedia evidence is being used for evidentiary purposes. We also provide advice and expertise to those using video surveillance systems to conduct investigations, and protect life & property.

Experience & Expertise That Count

Blackstone provides expert forensic analysis and examination of recorded video, images, and other forms of multimedia evidence in relation to both criminal and civil matters.  Our services include digital enhancement, clarification, authentication, and expert witness testimony.  We also provide services related to the acquisition, preservation, and examination of computers, cell-phones, and other digital devices including recovery of deleted data.

Blackstone’s principal, David McKay, has been qualified as a expert witness in both Provincial & Supreme court.  Our secure lab is set-up to provide the latest in forensic services relating to video and other forms of digital evidence. Read more…

In many circumstances, an accurate understanding of what is occuring on camera requires the conversion of proprietary surveillance video into an easily viewable format that can be reviewed frame by frame. Learn how…

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Our forensic services have assisted numerous law firms and corporations in situations where video and photographic evidence has been a crucial aspect to both legal cases and investigations.  Learn what can be done to improve and enhance visual evidence for civil and criminal matters.


Forensic Video Analysis – view a sample of our work:

Blackstone recently worked on a case that involved compiling multiple sources of proprietary surveillance video into a clear, useful sequence depicting a suspect captured on multiple camera views. Read more >>

Accredited PD training for Lawyers & Investigators:

Blackstone’s presentation:  Digital Evidence – Best practices for Legal Proceeding’s has been accredited by the Law Society of British Columbia. We also offer in-house workshops for investigators and security professionals. Learn more >>



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