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Audio Enhancement & Transcription

“We can improve audio recordings and provide accurate transcriptions for both criminal and civil matters…”

Audio Enhancement Service:

Through our audio enhancement process we can often improve the quality of recorded information so that it can be readily understood and transcribed much more easily.  Our forensic tools allow us to isolate dialogue and make it much more intelligible.

Our service is especially useful if you have a recording that has significant background noise that needs to be removed such as; hums, electrical interference, air conditioners, tape hiss, street noise, etc., or if you would like a specific sound or voice isolated or removed. This clarified audio can now easily be transcribed into a legible depiction of what was recorded or said.

“By performing enhancement of your audio recording we can improve speech intelligibility, the audibility of difficult to hear voices and sounds, and make a recording easier to transcribe….”

Audio Transcription Service:

We transcribe all types of audio files into searchable PDF and text based documents using a two step process to ensure that what we have transcribed is as accurate as possible.  Even if your audio quality is poor, we can conduct enhancement processes prior to transcription, in order to improve the audio quality and make transcription much easier and more accurate.

We charge based on the quality of the audio recording and are more than happy to provide you a cost estimate for your file.  This estimate will depend on the length and quality of the recording as well as the urgency of your file.

Our normal turnaround time for audio clarification and transcription is 7 business days from receipt of your file.  Contact us today for an estimate on our services.

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