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Authentication & Examination

“Is your evidence authentic and reliable?  Blackstone can find out….”

Authentication of Video & Images

Integrity of the evidence can be a key factor in many cases. Blackstone can determine whether or not a video or image file is an original or has been tampered with, edited, altered, or deleted.  Many factors are involved to make this determination including experience, the original source data, and forensic software tools.

If you are unsure whether what you have is reliable, authentic, and accurate please contact us.

Forensic Video & Image Examination

In some instances, it may not be completely clear what is actually taking place with respect to an event captured on video. This may be caused by obstruction due to objects, lighting issues, lack of detail, and camera perspective. As experts in the field with years of training and countless hours reviewing and interpreting incidents caught on tape, Blackstone can provide you with a much more accurate account of events in comparison to the untrained eye. What may not be obvious or perceived by the casual observer, we can often identify and interpret. If you have video or images that may be inconclusive or arbitrary, we can analyze the visual information and provide an expert opinion on what has taken place.

In some cases it may be possible to calculate height, speed, and distances from video and other image sources

Forensic Video & Image Comparison

In a process similar to fingerprint identification, Blackstone is capable of conducting forensic comparisons between questioned objects or individuals appearing on video (i.e. CCTV, surveillance video, etc.) and known images of the same.  This process compares both class and unique characteristics between known and unknown images to confirm or exclude identity.  This can be done using both photographs and video images.

Recovery of Recorded Data

Blackstone Forensics can also recover deleted, damaged, or missing images or video files from a wide array of storage mediums (hard-drives, flashcards, USB, CD/DVD, VHS, etc.)

What can I do with my evidence? Request forensic video or image analysis.

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