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Accredited Training & Instruction

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Forensic Technology Training

Mr. McKay offers custom, in-house accredited training for legal professionals,  investigators and security professionals who deal with video and other forms of multimedia evidence in criminal and civil matters.

Training For Lawyers

Blackstone’s presentation Digital Evidence – Best Practices for Legal Proceedings has been accredited by the Law Society of British Columbia. All qualified recipients who attend this 45 minute presentation will earn 1 CPD credit.

Presentation Synopsis:

Mr. McKay will discuss new techniques and technologies being used in the analysis and interpretation of video evidence. He will discuss what can be done to clarify and enhance poor quality video and what the untrained eye may miss during the interpretation of visual information. He will outline the best practices for maintaining the integrity of video and photographic evidence to ensure important information is not being lost or altered in the transition from the original recording device to the court room.

He will focus on how visual perception may change the way we interpret video and photographic images, outlining the true strengths and weaknesses of visual evidence. He will provide the audience with some practical applications on the most effective way to present video and photographic evidence to a judge or jury in a court room setting.

Training For Investigators

Mr. McKay offers custom in-house training for investigators and security professionals who deal with video evidence as an investigative tool.

Workshop –  The Forensic Examination of Video Evidence:

This course provides the students with a thorough understanding of the latest in CCTV technology and system design. Using the latest in digital video forensic tools, students will learn basic techniques on how to extract and clarify video evidence from both digital and analog CCTV sources for investigative purposes. A thorough understanding of the many different types of CCTV technology and systems being employed in today’s security environment will be explored. Students will evaluate the capabilities and limitations of CCTV recorded information for the purpose of forensic video examination, analysis, and courtroom testimony.  Delivered as a 2 or 4 day workshop.

*The above training presentation and workshops can be done in-person or via webinar

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