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Video Pixelation & Videography

“Our Video Expertise Goes Beyond Forensics…”

Concealment of Identity (Video Pixelation)

There may be certain cases where specific information captured on video needs to be concealed. Perhaps the identity of an undercover operative or witness needs to be protected before the video is shown in court or to the public. Whatever the case, Blackstone can conceal sensitive information captured on video – whether you have 3 seconds or 3 hours of video, single or multiple targets, Blackstone has the tools and expertise to provide this service in a timely, cost effective manner.

Critical Incident Videography

Our critical incident videography service augments still photography by providing a portrayal of incident scenes that gives the judge, jury, or investigator a sense of being there. Critical incident videography can provide valuable context to scene or a event and give a perspective that cannot be captured by traditional still photography.   In addition to criminal matters, critical incident videography can also capture civil matters suchs as; detailing evidence of an internal theft, or recording damage to property through theft or vandalism for insurance purposes.

Our service is ideal to document the following:

Accident scenes & property damage for insurance purposes

An incident scene that may be used for reconstructive purposes (civil and criminal litigation

Document workplace accidents for investigative purposes


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