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Consulting Services

Sometimes, making decisions based on securing a company’s assets, employees, and property can be a daunting task. In the long run, time and money can be saved by ensuring you have a professional to help make these decisions with you. Blackstone Forensics LTD. is here to help to ensure you save money, and provide you with a better ROI.

Our Mission is to ensure the protection of individuals, critical infrastructure, businesses, multi-tenant and executive residences with effective, uncomplicated, versatile solutions that respond to current and future security challenges.

As licensed security consultants, specializing in the field of video technology, we are a resource for individuals and businesses when designing, implementing, and integrating video surveillance technology. Whether you are purchasing a new system, or upgrading existing equipment, we can provide consultation, from a Law Enforcement perspective, to ensure systems are being employed that will provide the best visual evidence possible, acceptable in a court of law.

Our Goal is to strengthen your security by providing you with:

  • ‘objective’ and thorough investigations of your security
  • ‘measured’ analysis of your security challenges
  • ‘unbiased’ reporting with recommendations to enhance your security

Your security can become ineffective because it was not designed well or security challenges evolved beyond its capability. Effective security requires more than just target hardening. It requires the thorough investigation, analysis and planning that is provided by a Security Survey or a Threat and Vulnerability Analysis.


CCTV (Surveillance Video Systems)
Blackstone is a leading provider of surveillance video technology in Canada. Unlike other security companies, who offer a broad range of security services – CCTV systems are our specialty. We provide our clients with everything from a portable single camera anti-graffiti/vandalism system to highly integrated, megapixel CCTV systems for high security environments.

Do you want to be able to check on your home or office on your iPhone or laptop from anywhere around the world?

• Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that your children got home safe from school.
• Imagine the convenience of visually verifying whether or not an alarm event is real or false.
• Imagine having the option of knowing your home is secure from anywhere in the world – with remote video viewing, all of this is a reality!

Although video surveillance and alarm systems may not prevent a robbery – video is your best chance to identify a culprit and recover your stolen assets. Police often have an idea who may be committing crime in a particular neighborhood – they just need good tangible evidence to apprehend these individuals – video evidence can provide this, an alarm system cannot. Through visual verification a video system can also help reduce or eliminate false alarms caused by traditional alarm systems.

Blackstone’s surveillance specialists will consult with you to identify and design a camera system that works for your business. From corner stores to nightclubs and from gas-stations to commercial warehouses, Blackstone can handle any job, even the most sensitive installation. We specialize in both digital and advanced IP network systems – custom built to suit all of your security needs.

Contact us today for your FREE site-assessment and surveillance system quote.

We have access to highly trained installation professionals that will assess your home or business and provide you with a security system that’s customized for your needs. Whether you operate a small or large business, you require environmental controls for your business, or you’re a homeowner looking for an inexpensive way to secure your family and possessions, we are the right choice. We can help ensure your security through life safety and property protection services, including:
• 24-Hour Monitoring
• 24-Hour Field Service
• Fire And Smoke Protection
• Carbon Monoxide, Flood, & Temperature Sensors
• Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors
• Private Guard Response
• Extended Warranty Program

Our residential and commercial security systems are easy to operate and can be customized to fit your lifestyle. We can install wired, wireless, or a combination of devices that best suits your needs. Additional sensors and devices can be added for larger homes.

As well as detecting unwanted intruders, the system can monitor for smoke, flooding, extreme temperatures, and carbon monoxide.

All properties are unique and the security needs of our customers vary from one person to the next, so call us today for a no-obligation security evaluation, customized just for you and your safety needs.

With access control you can increase the physical security of your business or home. Using our fully integrated control panel, proximity card, and key tag technology, you can restrict and control employee access within your business and record all incoming & outgoing activity. Access control is flexible, allowing you to grant temporary access to certain users by location or for a specified period of time.

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