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“We have a complete understanding of how to use video surveillance technology & other security measures to effectively protect your establishment and reduce loss…”

Our Security Services

Our expertise in consulting is focused on managing the difficult and daunting task of ensuring your business or residence is completely secure, having the appropriate security protocosl where required.

When a suspect is presented with compelling video evidence they often confess to their crimes….”

Our services are used by existing clients to optimize existing CCTV systems and improve on current methods and standard operating procedures (SOP’s) on evidence extraction, and effective use of video images for investigative purposes. Along with our expert consulting services, we also design, install, and integrate quality, cost effective:

Video Surveillance Systems

Access Control Systems

Intrusion Systems

All of our systems are custom designed to address both operational and security issues that commonly occur at commercial and residential locations.

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Custom Solutions for Small Business, Restuarants, Nightclubs, & Bars

CCTV ServicesWe can provide complete solutions to improve security protocols, reduce or eliminate threats, improve the security culture of your staff (while maintaining sales), and reduce monthly loss.

As court qualified experts, we can assist you when internal investigations or lawsuits may rely on video evidence captured on your video surveillance system. We can extract, enhance, and prepare this type of evidence in a manner that will be accepted in a court of law.

We conduct security evaluations, internal theft reduction, investigations, and threat assessments

We can produce, extract, and prepare video evidence for internal investigations and lawsuits

We can review and analyze surveillance video to detect and identify theft (internal & external)

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