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“Expertise for those serious about identifying suspects and capturing criminal activity…”

Security Expertise – Capture the Best Evidence Possible!

As licensed security consultants, specializing in the field of video technology, we are a resource for individuals and businesses when designing, implementing, and integrating video surveillance technology. Whether you are purchasing a new system, or upgrading existing equipment, we can provide expert consultation, from a Law Enforcement perspective, to ensure that your system will provide the best visual evidence possible, acceptable in a court of law.

In many cases, if video evidence is not extracted properly from a digital recording system, critical visual information can be lost

We serve a wide variety of clients, including restaurants, night clubs, marinas, financial institutions, country clubs, and large commercial and residential properties.

What We Offer Our Clients…

For those about to implement or upgrade existing equipment, we can offer expertise on what type of technology should be used, where cameras should be located, and the overall technical design and/or expansion of the system.  We can provide advice on what type of equipment to purchase and how to evaluate and select the right quotation or bid from a security integrator.

For those with existing systems, Blackstone can analyze and test current CCTV infrastructure to determine what may be required to optimize the system for ease of use, remote access, video evidence quality, and effectiveness from a security and loss prevention perspective.

In addition, Blackstone can develop standard operating procedure’s (SOP’s) to address  loss prevention issues including; external and internal theft (skimming), vandalism, workplace safety, and other criminal activity.

We have a complete understanding of how to use video surveillance systems effectively and will ensure your system is providing:

  • Property protection
  • Adequate coverage
  • Identification
  • Fraud detection
  • Internal issues – theft/skimming
  • Documenting incidents accurately
  • Theft
  • Crime detection

In order to provide you with the highest level of security and protection, we focus on:

Objective and unbiased evaluation using professional evidence collection techniques

Detailed and thorough analysis and reporting based on Law Enforcement techniques

Practical and cost-effective recommendations for upgrading your existing system

Whether you are purchasing a new system, or upgrading existing equipment, we will provide you with an experienced consultation, from a law enforcement perspective.  We will also ensure your system is providing the best visual evidence possible so that if an unfortunate situation occurs, the video is acceptable in a court of law.



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